Wednesday, February 13, 2013

101 Things I don't like about my in laws

1. Over parenting of my child.. He is my child, not yours. Yours don't think they have good parenting, please don't do the same on mine.
2. Afraid of everything.. Flowers (got pesticide), dogs (germs), chocolate (can cause asthma?), balcony (can collapse), dust (dirty), soft toys (dusty!!), more to add ...
3. I can't have a date with just my husband... Because once we have kids, our lives MUST evolve around them.
4. There is no such thing as privacy.. Mother in law can come into the bathroom or bedroom unannounced and without knocking at the door...sigh..
5. Hobby? Me time? What are those?
6. Everything must be double tripped bagged with plastic bags..
7. Only listens to their dear daughters...
8. MUST put children no.1.. If not you are a horrible parent..
9. Maids have to be perfect.
10. Actually, everyone has to be perfect. If you are not, you are not worth listening.
11. Unless you're rich or has XY chromosome.. If not, bad luck, you don't count.
12. Passive aggressive comments...

To be continued...

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